Trust Me, I’m the Commonwealth of Australia

The act of registration of property creates fundamental changes to the dynamics of ownership and control of the property. Most will be unaware of such changes to ownership and may be horrified to find out they no longer are the legal owner of said property.

The process of Registration is undertaken by the procedures of:

  • an application submission, followed by
  • registration approval, and
  • a certificate of registration.

In lay terms, registration comprises of an owner of some property (eg a motor vehicle) placing it into a trust for someone or something else to control (the State) so the driver has beneficial use of the motor vehicle under the policies of the trust (enforced by the trustee).

It can therefore be said, the property owner gives up control of the property and provides the trustee legal ownership (the right of control) whilst the owner retains equitable title (the right to use and sell).

Ownership Confusion? There can sometimes be confusion amongst users of registered property who may breach the policies of the trust (eg speeding in a motor vehicle) and believe the trustee (eg law enforcement) has no rights to administer the property (eg issue fines, confiscate the property). Technically, the owner has consented to registering the property and the user has consented to the policies of the trust for the use of the property.

This is where it may be start to become more complex….a PERSON is also a trust. Did someone not apply for a birth certificate via a registration form? So the application/registration/certificate model is evident here also. The property in the trust is the body, but not you as the body and spirit are separate entities.

Commonwealth of Australia. The same can be said for countries that register with other countries or entities where the same application/registration/certificate process is undertaken, the ownership of property becomes a split title. A country entity like the Commonwealth of Australia is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, creating a trust and property such as Persons, Companies, registered property of the country is placed into the trust. Therefore, the US has become one of the trustees of the Commonwealth of Australia entity.

Trusts within Trusts. The US is then registered to say the City of London entity via another trust, and the City of London entity is say registered with Vatican City via another trust. Property from each trust is pledged to the other and so on – like nested trusts through to a central trust.

The policies from the central trust(s) can flow out through to the trusts that are encapsulated, like a form of global government. Hence, the architecture for a global government is already in place and probably has been for decades, it’s not coming – it’s already here, you just didn’t know it. Is this a problem? Possibly not as this centralization of property and corresponding trustees to oversee the use of such property has been accomplished with the consent of the grantors (ie You). What has been done can of course be undone, hence property in the trust can be withdrawn by privately indorsing the certificate, or the trustees declared incompetent, or the beneficiaries withdraw from the trusts and no longer take benefits, or hundreds of other ways to navigate trusts.

Trust Control. The trustees have been given freedom to control the trusts for the benefit of the beneficiaries which perhaps on occasions has caused problems. However, as very few Grantors or Creditors have directed the trustees to refrain from certain activities and actions then there is consent by tacit acquiescence. On the other hand, many beneficiaries (eg PERSONS) have complained or protested against the trustees to cease carrying out certain activities that appear not to be a benefit (but in fact are). PERSONs/beneficiaries complaining and protesting is generally a moot issue as the trustees are simply doing what they have been told.

It’s about Status. In order to legally change or influence policies that are regulated by the trustees, it will be critical to understand the different roles in the trusts as each Grantor, Beneficiary and Trustee have different types of control. It is also possible to be in more than one role making trusts extremely flexible vehicles for managing and controlling property.

Thus, it can be said that the Commonwealth of Australia is comprised of property owned by you and me – we are the creditors.

Some further information on Trusts can be found in the WEISS’S CONCISE TRUSTEE HANDBOOK


2 thoughts on “Trust Me, I’m the Commonwealth of Australia

  1. Very well explained, my only issue with this is that I never applied to have myself registered, and even if I am a minor and my parents registered my birth as legal guardians, cause apparently they register an event not the human, they did so with no full disclosure and with total deceit and unclean hands by the gov, without telling anyone that they are creating a person who isnt you but your liable for and if you dont work it out and learn how to play a game of make believe then they will continually make your life a misery. Even now they will tell you that you have to register a baby or your breaking a law, and now people are aware that everyone is property meaning you have a owner, well that’s slavery so why the fuck should we have to learn to indorse this certificate, know what to say when to say it or bad luck your screwed. And even if everyone cottoned on to how to be a creditor and control this invisible thing that isn’t you who can’t speak or do shit, all they would do then is change the rules make up some other thing that isn’t you or your other fake thing and start again with different ways to screw you over. This is in no way a go at you mate, I have learnt so much off of your site and group page especially about the mindset you need, but my issue is with the total deceit lies and outright slavery and contempt the powers to be have for their fellow human beings with adding a non living entity to you without telling anyone the rules. I wonder if I can go into court and just go hey you know that invisible non existing entity you attached to me without even letting me know, well guess what it whispered something to me on the way in here today and said “I AM THE CREATOR, THE MOST POWERFUL NON EXISTING, NON VISIBLE ENTITY THERE EVER WAS AND EVER WILL BE SO JUDGE ME AT YOU OWN PERIL, AS I CREATED ALL THERE IS AND I CREATED YOU AND YOUR SYSTEM NOW GET BACK TO HELL SATAN. Wonder how they could rebut that presumption


    • It’s all offers to contract….just because someone says you have to register a birth, is just an offer. Going into court and making
      statements that you’re the creator etc, I suspect won’t get you very far…creditors/creators don’t make statements. 🙂


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