Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Perhaps a little cliché but comes a little way in highlighting a common issue. Many people will end up at some point in their lives taking the “red pill” and discover something big that forever influences their lives – it could be the discovery of the Strawman concept, how banks print and loan money, fluoride isn’t actually a nutrient, terrorists are everywhere or whatever one considers a “big” issue. The crux of the issue becomes a belief that a fraud, a lie, an infringement has been committed and someone is responsible and should pay. pillsWell, the truth of the matter is that it’s not about which pill you take as in fact there are hundreds, if not thousands of such pills one needs to carefully decide upon – becomes an impossible task to take the right one every time. pills2

Hence, isn’t it more about you and your actions towards mankind versus decisions one makes on the numerous (ir)relevant issues that decide what actions to take? For example: this weekend there are racial clashes in Australia, of course ramped by media corporations and the like, but has such division not been ramped by corporations for years? There’s something new to sell (again)- fear. Really, how can a news/gov/ngo corporation tell the truth about anything? It’s a legal entity on paper – it has no voice. Yet many react to all kinds of “issues” and some take inappropriate actions. Why do you think there is news on TV/Radio all day everyday, every hr, between shows, in the ad breaks, it’s non-stop. Sell Sell Sell.

Perhaps a better way for corporations to have a “voice” and report “facts” is to remove the concept of limited liability and enforce full commercial liability to all CxOs, employees, newsreaders, agents etc, thus sending them to gaol for misleading the “public” on any matter deemed worthy? Kinda like a witch hunt if that makes sense? You think we’d see much progress of anything or anybody willing to talk about anything anymore? We’d all be too scared.

Seriously, it is you, me, everyone that must set sails for a brighter future for mankind. So maybe it’s not about which colour pills to administer, but to take an approach that consists of honour, acknowledgement of the shareholders stakeholders around you and ultimately common sense? It also means knowing how to apply one’s rights over property you have an interest in should corporations wish to sell you something you don’t need.