Cheque Mate? Why Financial institutions always do it right.

Many will complain that financial institutions are corrupt or fraudulent, however, I contend they always do it right. There will always be the isolated incidents of fraud in any industry due to bad practices but generally most do it right. Banks go out of their way to tell you what’s going on – maybe, you’re just not listening or reading the fine print? Here’s an old cheque that I had left over from a Fleet Bank account, nothing remarkable about it except for my poor ability to tear it out of the book. So, let’s see what extraordinary lengths banks will go to in order to let you know what they’re doing. Cheque Let’s take a closer look at the signature line…in fact is it a line at all? Cheque Close Up Authorized Signature. The so called line is made up of the words “Authorized Signature” An authorized signature from the authorized representative for the name. The Banks know you’re not the name, but simply an Authorised Representative. Aren’t they good to let you know. Oh? You didn’t know? Did anyone bother to read the fine print or even look up the letters “MP” just above the signature line? Perhaps short for “By the way, there’s Micro Print on this instrument, just letting you know”.