What is your capacity?

What capacity are you in right now? Do you even know? Do you know the context of ‘capacity’ in various situations?

Could you not be in the capacity of a Parent? A Driver? A passenger? A Pedestrian? An account holder? An employee? What about as a beneficiary? or a Man/Woman? A Father/Mother? An Accommodation Party? A Creditor? It almost sounds like an irrelevant aspect in one’s day to day activities. But it can make all the difference depending on the situation at hand.

At various times throughout the day, you will no doubt operate in a number of various capacities, usually unknowingly. Sometimes, like Russian Babuska dolls you’ll be in a number of nested capacities at the same time – Perhaps an Employee who has authority on an employers account to undertake a transaction at the bank, who shows a drivers license for identification. What capacity were you in when you applied for that drivers license? Maybe you showed a birth certificate? These capacities all relate to the execution of some form of contract (or trust) – whether visible or invisible.

Throughout your lifetime (however you define a lifetime) you’ll most likely be in hundreds or thousands of different capacities in the execution of contracts or some form of trust relationship.


What capacity are you in now?

So again, what capacity are you in right now? It might not be so simple to choose or even understand.

Your capacity can make a very big difference in the execution of contracts and can place you into different legal jurisdictions. Placement into unwanted jurisdictions is usually undertaken by ones very own consent merely by the language used – tacit consent.

Whatever the situation, your capacity and jurisdiction – your mission is to always assist the other party (it’s all contracts) to resolve the matter at hand. Sometimes this may involve moving yourself into a higher and more powerful jurisdiction (eg under God/Creator) in order to bring in a remedy to a subordinate jurisdiction. In the fictional world, just like in the movie “Matrix”, one can start to see such constructs and learn how to read, leverage or change them.

Thus, it becomes your language, actions and written communications that define your capacity and the jurisdiction. However, merely  your actions alone can quickly define your capacity or inability to be in a certain capacity. This can have a bearing on your ability to settle a matter.





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