The Runaway Contract

The legal system may be considered very complex in nature and sometimes even inexplicable, however the system functions as it should, it is simply the way we engage with it that defines the outcomes.

Sailing the seas of commerce

Sailing the seas of commerce

This private content at this site aims to simplify what is really happening by engaging in the public legal system and to provide enablement on the major constructs that are operating in the public. It will be these constructs that will be key to understanding how to be effective in seeking resolution.

For those who are currently engaged in the public legal system this site may shed some considerable light on processes involved and provide enablement on effective remedy.  In addition, there are concepts that some may find hard to absorb but ultimately the approaches may be life changing for some.

To effectively understand and build upon the foundational topics covered, you will need to completely rethink your position on:

  • to fight,
  • to create argument,
  • to win,
  • to object
  • to protest
  • etc.

It may be far better for you to prepare to lose the adversarial mindset right now – as this is one of the fundamental flaws many take into the legal system and this is what gives the system the power it has.

[Dis]claimer: If you are here as a public official, a legal officer, a person or any other corporate entity – then this site is not for you. You must leave.  The content at this site is for the private.