An Invitation

You decide to have a party and send out several invitations to some close friends. Party night arrives and there’s a knock at the door, upon opening the door you step back in horror as several complete strangers in the 6’2″+ and 260lb+ range are waving your invitations and want to party! You slam the door! You later discover your friends gave your invitations away at the local pub. Would you consider these friends rude and disrespectful?

Let’s consider a very similar situation. You receive a summons from an opposite party to appear in court (Well, for the legal person to appear on their “ship”). You decide to go to court, not as the legal person but as the man/woman to have the prosecution prove that the laws apply to the man/woman. You arrive in court and state that your there as a man/woman. The court asks if you’re the defendant and you reply in the negative. The prosecution requests the court to put a warrant out for the arrest of the defendant for failing to appear and to be brought before the court. Next case.

Come aboard, it's time to negoiate some contracts

Come aboard, it’s time to negotiate some contracts

Sound familiar to the first scenario? The court was expecting a defendant and nobody else. If in the first scenario, the friends had asked if it would be ok to give away the invitations to complete strangers and you didn’t reject their offer – then there’s agreement and no surprises on party night when strangers appear. Same in the second scenario, a stranger appeared and confused the court. Perhaps this could be considered rude and disrespectful too?

It’s a matter of courtesy to let the court know who will be in the court and that you have some type of interest in the legal person to ensure you have standing. Don’t forget to cc the prosecution. Always be very polite. Here’s one example.