constructive trust

Constructive Trusts

Further information from this post “Not Guilty” – Do you know what you’re actually saying when uttering these words? is a short write-up on Constructive Trusts and how they can be applied to your PERSON, found here  as these trusts can literally reverse the roles in a trust.

What capacity are you in now?

What is your capacity?

What capacity are you in right now? Do you even know? Do you know the context of ‘capacity’ in various situations? Could you not be in the capacity of a Parent? A Driver? A passenger? A Pedestrian? An account holder? An employee? What about as a beneficiary? or a Man/Woman? A Father/Mother? An Accommodation Party?…


The Application, Registration and Certificate Process

A very short introduction into the Application–> Registration –> Certificate process as it comes up a lot. Property that is submitted through the Application–> Registration –> Certificate process undergoes a fundamental change in who/what has control over that property. The motor vehicle is a good example. The registration of the vehicle by the owner means…

Dont Shoot

Who’s Corrupt?

Some have communicated that the public side is corrupt, both thru this site and the Facebook Group. I have contended, the public is not corrupt and it is designed to do what it does and almost everyone voluntarily goes along with it. Contracts are so good, most even go to prison voluntarily under contract. Let’s…