Public Side – 3 Step Process Example – Lite Version

The power of a record between the parties is often underestimated. It will be this record that expresses agreement and can be used to enforce performance of a party.

In this comprehensive public side example below, a 3 step process utilising a 3rd party presenter (see here for more info on the 3rd party presenter) to create an enforceable authenticated record between the parties. The example covers typical traffic related matters, a section for filling out the details that automatically updates the document, has instructions for the claimant and 3rd party presenter at each step. This will save considerable time and allow those advanced people to customise the template to suit their needs.

Note: The document link below is a ODT format for LibreOffice (free to download). There are automated fields that improve accuracy and save time, hence this will not work in MS Office. Whilst the document may look complex, it covers all the necessary steps to gain agreement with an opposite party and is quite simple once you understand the concepts of due process, hence the diagram below. Note: Do not save the document in any other format except for the default ODT format – otherwise the automated fields will not work.

The advantage for someone making use of this template is for one to better comprehend due process and the steps involved in obtaining a record between the parties. The working section of the process is the Affidavit of Negative Averment. The focus here is to place the onus of proof on the opposite party so you may find the Affidavit a little unusual in it’s wording. Always Remember – You can prove nothing.

It would perhaps be overkill to use this process on a minor traffic matter. It is possible to remove all references to a 3rd party presenter in the docs and run the process by yourself. However, by removing a the 3rd party from your process you risk having your record being considered hearsay.

This is a public side process to be run with PERSONs and corporations.

This is the lite version and covers 3 steps. There is another comprehensive version that includes additional steps such as: Going to Court, Cease and Desist, Sheriff cease and desist. Use the contact form to request the full version

DOWNLOADCreating An Expressed Agreement in a Record – Lite v102



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